RORO shipping

International Container Shipping

EasyHaul has shipped hundreds of thousands of vehicles throughout the U.S. and across the globe. We cover all major international ports, to ensure seamless international vehicle shipping to even the most hard-to-reach destinations. When you book international shipping through EasyHaul, your vehicle will be booked on the next vessel with available cargo space.

Don’t Forget Insurance

EasyHaul provides complimentary insurance on all ground shipping only. Maritime law requires the carrier to only be responsible for $500 per bill of lading. We strongly recommend buying additional maritime insurance either through EasyHaul or another source.

We Make Shipping Easy

Shipping – Once shipping is ordered, your vehicle will be booked on the next vessel with available cargo space. EasyHaul will cover all fees for all federally mandated U.S. Customs review.

Logistics – EasyHaul makes sure the entire international car shipping process is clear and hassle-free. Customs can sometimes be back logged due to high volume, and delays are not uncommon. But don’t worry! EasyHaul provides 30 days of free storage at their warehouse to avoid storage or lot fees.

Insurance – EasyHaul provides full coverage insurance for all ground shipping. Maritime law mandates that each carrier provide $500 per each Bill of Lading; because of this requirement EasyHaul offers maritime insurance and they strongly encourage all international customers to insure their vehicle during shipping. EasyHaul will require a copy of the ownership documents for each vehicle being shipped.

Stay Up to Date

We keep you up to date on the status of your vehicle at every step of the shipping process. If an event occurs, such as a weather delay, we will send you a text or email alert, with a personal follow up by phone just to be sure you know the latest status of your vehicle.

Contact us

Because of the variability between international shipping options, all international shipping quotes are customized, give our agents a call for a free quote. Simply call 1(360)597-9320, or complete our contact form, and our agents will be happy to help you.