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Ordering Shipping (8)
How do I order shipping with your company?
With, you can place your order online, via email, or over the phone. We just need a few pieces of information from you.
  • What kind and size of vehicle would you like shipped
  • Does the vehicle start or roll?
  • Where will the vehicle be picked up? As well as any special reference information such as lot number, buyer number, available hours for pickup, or the last six digits of the VIN.
  • Where will the vehicle be delivered? As well as contact information for the receiver, and any special notes such as hours available.
  • Will there be loading/unloading assistance?
Once we have this information from you, we will quote you the price and get you the best deal possible from our extensive network of bonded and insured transport carriers.
How do I get a quote?
You can use our rate calculator on the main page to get a shipping quote for most vehicles. If you are shipping something unusual or over sized please contact us directly for a custom quote.
My vehicle is not operable or does not roll. Can you ship it?
Absolutely, we can arrange shipping for inoperable vehicles. However, depending on the condition of the vehicle, you may need to assist the driver with loading or unloading your vehicle.
Please note: If you mark your vehicle as operable and it is not, additional costs or delays may be incurred.
Where can you ship to? can ship vehicles anywhere, domestic or international. We can ship to any address in the US where the roads are wide enough to accommodate a large cargo truck. Internationally, we ship regularly to ports all over the world.
How should I prepare my vehicle for shipping?
If the vehicle is being picked up from a business, dealer or auction, make sure everything is paid for and that the vehicle will be released at pick-up. Ask the pickup location what will be necessary in order for the vehicle to be released to the driver (buyer #, reference #, lot #, invoice #, etc.)

Make sure that the vehicle does not have anything inside during transit. Be aware that EasyHaul is not responsible for any lost, stolen, missing, or misplaced items.  If there will be items in the vehicle (such as auto parts), make sure we know about those items so that the driver may write down the item descriptions at pick-up.
What if I need to change my shipping order?
Contact right away if any changes need to be made to your shipping order. Some changes – such as change of pickup or drop off address - may change the amount due. Once your vehicle is picked up we can only change the destination.
What if I want to contact the driver delivering my vehicle?
Most drivers we use are very busy and are not available to respond to inquiries. The driver carrying your vehicle will contact the delivery phone number approximately two hours before delivery to confirm the time and place.

If you have questions about the status of your shipment  or need to change you order details please contact EasyHaul directly as soon as possible.
What is the overall process to ship a vehicle within the US?

This helpful video explains the steps to get a quote, create an account and begin the shipping process.

video is here

Payment (5)
How do I pay for shipping?

You can pay for your shipping order with a credit or debit card or a bank wire transfer.

If you pay with a wire transfer, please e-mail us a copy of your wire transfer receipt once you've made payment. We won't be able to schedule pick up of your vehicle until payment for shipping is received in full.

Are there any additional fees?
Our shipping price covers all shipping related costs for your vehicle.

Our fee does NOT cover: auction fees, driver wait time fees, storage fees or fees from delayed delivery, loading or unloading costs, and customs or duty fees.
Can I just pay the driver when they deliver my car?

Unfortunately not. All payment must be upfront to EasyHaul and we will pay the driver after delivery.

Does it cost more to ship a car that does not drive?

We do not charge you more to ship a vehicle that doesn't drive. You may need to assist the driver with loading or unloading your vehicle, but there are no other additional costs.
Please note: If you mark you vehicle as driveable and it is not, additional costs or delays may be incurred.

How can I cancel my order?

You may cancel your shipment anytime before your vehicle has been picked up.

Once the vehicle has been picked up delivery cannot be canceled, we can only change the destination address. We will charge a $50 cancellation fee if the order is canceled after we have received payment. Additional fees may be incurred for cancellation after a driver is assigned.

Pickup and Delivery (7)
How quickly will my vehicle be picked up?
We cannot guarantee pick-up, in shipping, all times are estimates. However, pick-up of your vehicle will normally occur 1-7 days from when payment is received.
What if my vehicle was supposed to be picked up one day and instead it was picked up the next?
All of our pick-up and delivery dates are best estimates. Our drivers work quickly and safely nationwide and around the clock. Many adverse conditions can affect actual pickup and delivery times. You can receive real-time updates on the most current status of your shipping order at any time in My Account.
Will you deliver to my house?

Yes, we can deliver domestic orders to any location within the contiguous US you choose. Make sure that the streets in your area are wide enough to accommodate the tow truck or trailer. If a semi-truck can pass through your street, it is probably wide enough for delivery. If not, we can arrange for delivery to a nearby parking lot or shopping plaza.

How soon will my vehicle be delivered?

We will deliver your vehicle as soon as possible, depending on the distance and the route.  For pickups and deliveries occurring within the same state, delivery can occur in 1-2 days. From coast to coast, delivery time can take up to 10 days.

All delivery information we provide are best estimates and we cannot guarantee exact dates. Real-time shipping updates are available in My Account.

Can someone else sign for my item if I am not available at delivery?
When arranging your shipping order, you can designate a family member or agent to sign for your vehicle and take possession of it.

If you choose not to designate an agent and you are not available to take the delivery, the vehicle will remain on the trailer for delivery at a later date or the vehicle will be placed in storage in a nearby facility until you can arrange to pick it up. Vehicles placed in storage are subject to additional storage fees and transport charges.
What happens if there is no one available to sign for my vehicle upon delivery?
You can designate an agent to sign for your delivery and take possession of the vehicle. If neither you nor an agent is present at delivery, the vehicle will remain on the truck or the driver will take the item to a nearby storage facility. You will be responsible for any additional fees.
What if my vehicle requires unloading assistance?
You are responsible for arranging loading and unloading of your vehicle. If you cannot unload the vehicle yourself, EasyHaul may be able to arrange assistance for an additional cost.
International Shipping (17)
How long does it take to ship my vehicle internationally?
Delivery time depends on the distance and route to the delivery port. Please refer to the online shipping calculator for estimated sailing times.
Can deliver the vehicle to my house?
Unfortunately, we are unable to ship international orders to your house. We only provide delivery to the port of the designated country.
What does the cost of shipment include?
Your quote includes the costs of loading and inland transport, US customs, and delivery to your destination port. If shipping via container, additional photos will also be provided.
Does your company take care of customs?
We will handle clearing US customs for you. It is your responsibility to verify import procedures and customs at the destination.
What ownership documents are required for export from the US?
We can only ship vehicles with a valid Title or Certificate. If the vehicle instead has a Bill of Sale, Parts Only designation, or Lien, this vehicle cannot be exported. If you are concerned if your vehicle can be exported please let us know.
What US ports can my vehicle ship from?
We ship from all major ports in the US. Shipments to Europe, Africa, Russia, and the Middle East primarily use New Jersey ports. Shipments to Australia and Asia typically depart from ports in California.

If purchasing vehicles at auction, you can save money while transporting your vehicle to the port, we recommend selecting vehicles at auction locations near the relevant departure ports.
How many cars can fit in one container?
A 40ft container can fit between 2 to 4 vehicles depending on vehicle size. A 20ft container can fit one vehicle only.
Can I ship my vehicle using RORO (Roll on, Roll off) Service?
If you vehicle is eligible for RORO shipping, we can arrange it.
To be eligible for RORO shipping, the vehicle must fit these requirement:
  •  Drive onto the boat under its own power
  • Have no broken glass in the vehicle, all windows must be present
  • All tires present and inflated
  • Doors, trunk, and hood able to close safely and securely
  • No significant auto-body damage
  • No biohazard present

If you have a specific vehicle in mind, please provide us with images and we will attempt to determine if the vehicle qualifies for Roll on Roll off shipping.

Can I put parts or personal items in my vehicle for shipping?
Auto parts can be shipped with your vehicle with container shipping (not available with RORO shipping). You may order parts online and have them shipped to the warehouse where we can then load them with your vehicle ($100 per small package). We will then load them into the container with your vehicle.

If you would like to order larger items or a large quantity, we can offer you a pallet. With this option, we will shrink wrap your packages all together on a pallet (48 inches wide by 48 inches long by 5 feet tall) in the container.

Does provide US inland transportation to the departure port?
Yes, we can arrange to pick up your vehicle from anywhere in the US and deliver it to the departure port for export.
When will I receive the documents related to my shipment?
Once the vehicle has cleared customs, we will mail the title or certificate via FedEx with the shipping invoice, as well as a Dock Receipt or Bill of Loading if applicable. All Docs will arrive before your vehicle reaches its destination port.
Is storage available through
Yes, with international shipping, we offer up to 30 days of free storage at our warehouse for container shipping.
How can I order faster shipping?
For faster shipping, offers shipping by Air. Please contact us for a custom quote.
Can EasyHaul ship from the US to Mexico?
We can ship orders to a list of bonded warehouses near the Mexican-US border. To complete delivery into Mexico, you must secure the title to present to customs and identify a warehouse location (US side), where EasyHaul can deliver the vehicle, and then either pick-up the vehicle in person, or hire a Mexican transport company to pick-up the vehicle.
At this time, we are unable to ship to addresses beyond the border.
Can EasyHaul ship from the US to Canada?
We can ship orders to a list of bonded warehouses near the Canada-US border. To complete delivery into Canada, you must secure the title to present to customs and identify a warehouse location (US side), where EasyHaul can deliver the vehicle, and then either pick-up the vehicle in person, or hire a Canadian transport company to pick-up the vehicle.
At this time, we are unable to ship to addresses beyond the border.
What steps are involved in shipping a car to Canada?
Before you ship a vehicle to Canada, please need to make sure that the vehicle is able to be legally imported into Canada. Import regulations state that any vehicle admitted into Canada must meet Canada Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (CMVSS). The vehicle may not be modified or altered from it's original design. You'll also need to confirm that the ownership paperwork available for the vehicle is able to licensed in Canada. You'll need to notify US Customs at least 72 hours before your vehicle leaves the country. If you're importing a vehicle you plan to have licensed, you'll also need to complete and provide a Vehicle Import Form. If you're importing a vehicle you'd like to use for parts, you'll need to complete and provide a Vehicle Imported for Parts Form.
What is the overall process to ship a vehicle internationally?

This helpful video explains the steps to get a quote, create an account and begin the shipping process to deliver vehicles overseas.

video is here,

Other Common Questions (6)
Can I have a boat shipped?
Yes, you can ship a boat with us. Just be sure to let us know the length and width of the boat when placing your order. Boats for shipment will need to be on a towable trailer at the time of pickup.
Is it possible for EasyHaul to ship an over sized item such as a motor home or Semi-truck?

Most of the time these items are very difficult to ship. However, with our extensive array of transporters we can absolutely try and find you a driver capable of delivering an over sized vehicle. If you have a vehicle in mind please contact us with the dimensions for a custom quote and we will look for a way to transport it. cannot guarantee rates for oversize or unusual vehicles.

Can your driver check for damage to the vehicle before loading?

At time of pick-up, the driver will mark any damage or parts missing from the vehicle's exterior on the Bill of Lading. The delivery transporter will only release the vehicle after you review and sign-off on the Bill of Lading. This allows you to confirm that the vehicle is delivered in the same condition it was picked up.

What if there is damage to the vehicle during transit?

We use ONLY insured and bonded transportation carriers. The transporter will be responsible for damages occurring during transport. Please contact us immediately if your vehicle is delivered with damage from transport.

What transporters will be used to ship my vehicles?

We have an extensive network of contracts with bonded and insured drivers all across the country. In addition,  we will only contract with drivers able to show consistent excellent service reviews.

Our drivers use a wide variety of equipment such as tow trucks, 3-car haulers, 9-car haulers, enclosed trailers, and open trailers. You can request a specific transport vehicle type for your shipment when you place your order and we'll do our best to accommodate your request.

My vehicle does not have a key. Can you help?

If your vehicle does not have keys, can order them for you for approximately $350-$550 depending on the car model.