Hawaii shipping

Shipping to Hawaii or Alaska

EasyHaul has shipped hundreds of thousands of vehicles to every state in the US, including Hawaii and Alaska, though there is an extra step with those states. Unsurprisingly, the quickest way to ship to either of these states is by boat. This means the vehicle must be loaded onto a ship, the same as if it was being shipped internationally. To ship by boat there are some items that must be considered:

  • Does the vehicle run and drive?
  • How will the vehicle get to the port?
  • Do you want the vehicle shipped door-to-door?
  • What is the time frame on shipping the vehicles?

Each of these considerations impact the shipping process and costs. You can reduce these costs if: the car is driven or delivered to one of the ports that ships to these destinations: Los Angeles or Seattle, the time table for delivery is flexible, or the vehicle is in a running condition.


EasyHaul provides full coverage insurance for all ground shipping. Maritime law mandates that each carrier provide $500 per each Bill of Lading; because of this requirement, EasyHaul offers additional maritime insurance and they strongly encourage all customers shipping by boat to insure their vehicle during shipping.

Container Shipping to Hawaii or Alaska

Container shipping is the most common method to ship cars to Hawaii or Alaska. This provides not only protection from the elements, but can accommodate vehicles that can’t be rolled onto the ship. EasyHaul ships many vehicles that can’t easily be rolled onto a ship; container shipping is perfect for these vehicles.

EasyHaul uses 20-foot and 40-foot containers. If you have a single vehicle to ship, and want it shipped within its own container, we will use a 20-foot unit. Otherwise we will use a 40-foot container to ship multiple vehicles. This keeps costs down and your vehicle will be loaded as soon as all the vehicles arrive at the warehouse.

Roll-on & Roll-off (RORO) Shipping

Roll-on/Roll-off is just what it sounds like. When a vehicle starts and runs normally, it can be driven on and off the ship. RORO is a less expensive, although less common, method to ship vehicles overseas. For new cars, this is a common way for manufactures to ship.

Stay Up to Date

We keep you up to date on the status of your vehicle at every step of the shipping process. If an event occurs, such as a weather delay, we will send you a text message or email, with a personal follow up by phone just to be sure you know the latest status of your vehicle.

Contact Us

If you need help with a custom shipping order, give our agents a call for a free quote. Simply call 1(360)597-9320, or complete our contact form, and our agents will be happy to help you.