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Trusted in Truck Shipping

Trucks are one of the most popular vehicles Easy Haul transports. We have shipped trucks of all makes, models, sizes and in all conditions throughout the United States. Our team of shipping experts will make sure you understand the shipping options that offer the best solution for your needs.

EasyHaul has long term relationships with reputable and licensed shipping companies and freight forwarders. This enables us to offer a wide variety of shipping methods, including but not limited to: flatbeds, low-boy trailers, vessel trailers, multi-axle extendable step deck trailers, and enclosed shipping.

Partner with a Reliable Shipping Company

EasyHaul does more than provide excellent shipping solutions, we also provide complimentary ground shipping insurance on all domestic shipping destinations. Once more, all of our drivers are bonded and licensed by the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

Stay Up to Date

We keep you up to date on the status of your vehicle at every step of the shipping process. If an event occurs, such as a weather delay, we will send you a text or email alert, with a personal follow up by phone just to be sure you know the latest status of your vehicle.

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If you need help with a custom shipping order, give our agents a call for a free quote. Simply call 1(360)597-9320, or complete our contact form, and our agents will be happy to help you.