When is the Best Time to Ship a Vehicle? Find the Answer Here

Shipping a vehicle to another city, state or country, can be a cost intensive affair, especially during peak seasons. Moreover, many transporters do not operate on certain routes in extreme weather conditions, and if they do, the prices are usually quite steep. Therefore, to get the job done in the minimum possible cost, it is important to know the best time to ship a vehicle. In this blog post, we discuss how the prices vary with every season, and the right time to ship your prized possession.

Vehicle shipping service

Summer is a popular time of the year to transport the vehicle as kids are out of school and parents have the time to make plans to move to a new place without worrying about the disruption in education. Besides school, there are other factors that make summer a favorable time to move. The days are long, which means driving on long routes is safe. Although, summer tends to be an affordable season in terms of vehicle transportation, the increase in number of people wanting to move make the entire process a bit costly. The situation of “cherry-picking” may arise, where the transport companies choose a highest-paying load first.

Spring and fall
Spring is mostly slow like winter, but rush increases around March and April. The season is also considered a good time to ship cars and as most carriers get back on the road after a long winter break, the price could be quite low. Fall is again a slow season because transport companies try to find loads and give more affordable quotes to clients. Carriers would, however, start changing their routes when December is around the corner.

Late fall and early spring
Avoid planning a vehicle move in late fall, winter and early spring in Northern states. Some areas might receive snowfall from late October to early March. The freeze limits routes for carriers and they might prefer taking routes to the South because of warm weather and less chance of snowfall. This is one of the reasons why you might have to pay an obnoxious amount of money for vehicle transportation to a Northern state in winter.

Last Few Words
Most individuals don’t have the luxury to wait till the end of one season or the start of a particular season to move their vehicles. If time allows, we recommend you to head south in spring and north in fall to save more on the next vehicle move. If you wish to learn more about how shipping rates vary or to request a free quote, feel free to get in touch with our team of representatives. You can reach us at +1 (360) 597-9320.

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