Considerations that go into your car shipping quotes

While quotes that you receive through our free shipping calculator have no hidden costs and are guaranteed, there are considerations that influence the quote. Once you understand these, you can possibly save on shipping fees.

vehicle shipping quotes

Location, Location, Location
Shipping distance is the main factor impacting the quote. In cases where the delivery location is remote, the shipment may need to be rerouted to the nearest city. If the nearest city is not used, then it could cost more for a doorstep delivery.

The Size of Your Vehicle
Larger vehicles cost more to ship. Many SUVs, pickup trucks, minivans and cargo vans come with potential oversize/overweight fees. These considerations are all accounted for in our guaranteed online quoting tool. Cars up to full-size sedans are not subject to oversize/overweight shipping fees.

The Condition of Your Vehicle
If a car runs, then most of the time it is just driven onto the transport truck and secured—not so with vehicles that don’t run. Non-running vehicles are a complication many shippers aren’t accustomed to; some don’t even want to ship these vehicles. This is EasyHaul’s specialty.

The Type of Carrier You Need
An open auto transport carrier is the most common and you see them driving on the highways all the time. When someone needs to ship a high-end vehicle they may request enclosed transportation for increased protection. This is no problem, but it will cost more. Along with increased costs, it will likely take more time to find an enclosed truck. This additional time may also impact the pickup window.

Your Shipping Timeframe
Most shipping companies will give you a pickup window of several days from placing an order. You can request expedited shipping, which will cost more. You can also request low-cost standby shipping, knowing it could take longer.