3 Fun and Unusual Cars to Ship

EasyHaul is a leader in the auto shipping and export business, and we pride ourselves on the ability to ship a wide variety of vehicle types. But some cars are a bit more of a challenge than others. Check out some of these vehicles that might make our truck drivers do a double-take.

Campagna T-Rex

Campagna Motors T-Rex

Another three-wheeled beauty, the Campagna Motors T-Rex is a vehicle that toes the line between a sports car and a motorcycle, while still being something wholly unique in itself. Given its exposed interior, our drivers may need to wrap it to protect it from the elements, but would have no trouble shipping it.

P-50 Peel

Peel P50
This tiny three-wheeled microcar holds the Guinness Book of Records record for smallest production car ever made. While its heyday was in the early 60’s, this car is finding a bit of a resurgence with a new design. Given its small size, our shippers could easily move this car.

Pyramid Electric Car

Pyramid Electric Car

At a top speed of 40 miles an hour, this single-passenger electric car may not be a speed demon but its unique shape will definitely catch your eye driving down the road. Given its low center of gravity (despite its anti-gravity aesthetic), our drivers could handle this shipment with no problem.

EasyHaul is always up for any challenge, big or small. Get your free shipping quote instantly at EasyHaul.com.

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