Documents You’ll Need to Export Your Vehicle

Shipping a vehicle isn’t something most people do regularly. At EasyHaul we make the process as simple and easy as possible. But there are documents that every buyer needs to know about when shipping internationally from the US. The information below will help ensure your international shipping experience goes smoothly.

Document need to export vehicle

You Must Have the Title or Salvage Certificate

When purchasing a vehicle for export, the number one thing to check for is that the car has a Title or Salvage Certificate to accompany it. This paperwork is necessary to export your vehicle out of the US, and is needed to import it into the destination country. Many customs offices at shipping ports will NOT accept a just a Bill of Sale, or any paperwork listed as “For Parts Only.”

Bill of Sale

This one is pretty simple. Make sure you have the Bill of Sale for customs to view. This needs to accompany the title or salvage certificate.

No Liens

A lien indicates a loan was used to pay for the car originally. The lien allows the lending bank the right to repossess a car if the loan is not paid off completely. If your car is listed as having a lien, you will need to speak with the bank or insurance company that holds the lien to resolve the matter. You will need to do this before exporting the car out of the US.

Make sure you have this documentation! If your vehicle has no paperwork at all, well… you’re out of luck. It will not be able to be exported anywhere.

If you have any questions on whether your car can be exported or if you need any additional documentation, just contact our support team at EasyHaul.

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