EasyHaul is staffed with professionals who have extensive experience with international shipping and exporting vehicles. We do all the hard work so that you can take it easy. But there are a few things you need to be aware of when planning on exporting a car to help make this process as easy as possible. Below are three important points to keep in mind.

Valid Titles Only

When buying a car that you plan on exporting out of the US, it is very important that the vehicle has a proper title. U.S. Customs will not allow us to export a vehicle that does not have a correct title. This means that if the document that comes with the car is a Junk title, or listed as a Bill of Sale, we will not be able to export that car for you. We are also not able to export any vehicles that have a lien on them, so make sure to get a vehicle history report on a car before bidding on it to make sure that it will meet the U.S. Customs requirements to be exported.

Location, Location, Location

Shipping a vehicle internationally with EasyHaul is actually a two-step process. We must transport your car to the shipping port before we can sail it across the ocean to you. You will be responsible for paying to have the vehicle shipped to the port first. Our advice for you is to buy a car that is located as near to the port you intend to ship out of to keep the costs as low as possible.

Patience Is Key

Exporting a vehicle can be a time consuming process. While you might be excited to receive your vehicle as quickly as possible, we would like to remind you that exporting requires that the vehicle be cleared by U.S. Customs before it can be loaded on a ship for export. At some ports Customs may have a significant backlog which can impact how quickly they can process your vehicle. Once it is loaded it will take some time before the ship can cross the ocean to you, and while we try to get all of this done as quickly as possible for you it can still take some time. So remember, patience is key when exporting your car out of the U.S.

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