5 Advantages Of Using A Car Shipping Service

Planning on moving cross country and considering on taking your newly purchased car with you? Think twice before doing a cross country trip on your vehicle with you behind the wheel. When making a cross country trip, there are so many things that could potentially go wrong. Weather conditions, fuel prices, and the safety of you and your vehicle are amongst them. Let us show you 5 advantages of using a car shipping service instead of you doing the driving yourself.

Your Safety
When making a cross country trip, there are many things that could easily go wrong in an instant. Traveling through unfamiliar terrain with bad weather conditions automatically puts you and your vehicle at risk of getting into an accident. If you plan on making a trip that is more than 700 miles, it is definitely a wiser decision to hire a car shipping service.

Mileage Restrictions
If you plan on relocating with a car that you are leasing, you most likely have a yearly mileage limit on your car. This means that you are only allowed to drive a specific amount of miles each year on the car. If for example your yearly limit is 10,000 miles, and you decide to drive your car from New York to Florida, you will use up 1,150 miles. That’s 1/10 of your yearly limit!

The Cars Condition
If you have a brand new Audi TT, a cross country relocation trip can cost you way more than you think. A trip that is more than 1,000 miles can right away lower the cost of your car if you ever plan on selling it by a hefty amount. Also, do not forget that cars like the Audi TT consume oil and gas in huge amounts, and at the end of the trip, the amount of money you could be wasting on oil changes and gas can get absurdly large.

Insurance Costs
Similar to mileage limits, your insurance cost depends on the number of miles you drive on the vehicle you have insured. Just one long-distance trip could have a major increase in the cost of your insurance. Ship your car via car shipping service and save both on mileage and insurance costs.

Time Is Money
Getting behind the wheel and driving your car to the final destination is very time-consuming, and depending on the endpoint, can take up to 3 days! Why waste time and energy on transporting your car when you most likely have more important matters to deal with.

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