How To Ship A Car From An Auction To Your Home

When purchasing a vehicle from an online auction, you are not always able to pick up a vehicle in person due to the fact that it may be in a different state. In cases like this, it is important to have a reliable and well-established shipping company that can help you solve this dilemma. EasyHaul is a reliable US-based shipping company that has already helped thousands of people across the globe with a proper shipping solution.

The most common types of orders that we receive here, at EasyHaul, are domestic and international shipping orders. People order pickups of their newly purchased vehicle from auction locations all over the United States and want the vehicle delivered straight to their door. We pride ourselves with a high customer satisfaction rate that keeps on growing each year. Let us explain how to ship a car from an auction and straight to your doorstep within the United States.

Once you have managed to win a vehicle on an online auction, that is when you should start planning in detail on when and how you want your vehicle shipped. With EasyHaul, the process is very simple.

Step 1
Go to and there on the homepage you will need to provide us with the vehicle make and model, as well as from where and to where you would want it to be shipped. Please do notify us beforehand if your vehicle has any drastic issues that we should be aware of beforehand, specifically if it is run and drive verified.

Step 2
After you have provided the information needed, you will be sent an invoice via email which needs to be paid in full for us to dispatch our driver to pick up your vehicle. Once that is done, you will be sent a confirmation email on the expected date you should be getting your vehicle.

Step 3
Make sure that there is enough space at the drop-off area you have indicated for our driver to be able to properly unload your vehicle. Our drivers call a few hours before arriving.

Step 4
Enjoy your newly purchased vehicle that was shipped in a timely manner via EasyHaul, a leading provider of domestic and international shipping solutions.

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