How to Reduce Your International Shipping Costs

It can be expensive to ship a car internationally, but there are ways to keep the costs down. When you need to ship overseas, you’re not just paying for the ocean shipping, but you must pay to have your car shipped to the correct port for export. Of course, the closer the car is to the port the overall shipping costs will be less.

Below are maps for two of the most popular salvage auto auction companies: Insurance Auto Auctions and Copart. Both of these companies have auction yards across the U.S., but some of them are a long distance from any shipping ports. These maps indicate with the red X where the largest ocean shipping ports are. Additionally, they show the specific auction yards that are the closest to these ports.



As you can see, there are still many options for auction yard locations and they provide huge inventories to select from. EasyHaul wants to give you the information to help you save money on all your vehicle shipping, whether domestic or international.

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