Factors that Determine the Car Shipping Costs

If you are moving to a nearby city, driving your car to your new home might be feasible. But, what if you are moving to a far-off city, another state or another country? While driving your car to your new home, all that far, may sound exciting, but in most cases it’s either not feasible, or too tiring. If you too are moving to a different city, state or country, it is advisable to hire a car transport company for a hassle free car shipping experience. But, before you hire a car transport company, here are a few factors you must keep in mind.

Size of the Car
The size of your car matters. The charges vary with the space a vehicle occupies. The more the space your vehicle occupies, the more you need to pay. So, let’s say if you are moving a truck or a full-size SUV, it would cost you much more than moving a hatchback.

Weight of the Car
The weight of your car matters. According to transportation guidelines, different carriers have different maximum weight limits in terms of the goods that they can carry. This means a carrier shipping heavier cars can ship less cars, and therefore, they charge a higher shipping fee from the car owners of a heavy car.

Distance and Location
While it’s a no brainer that more the distance, higher the transportation charges, the location you are shipping your vehicle to, also matters. So let’s say there are two locations A and B and both are equally far from your current location. Now if B is located in the same state as your current location, and A is located in a different state, the shipping charges of shipping your vehicle to A would be more than shipping the same vehicle to B.

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Car’s condition (Working or Non-working)
The condition of your car can vary the car shipping costs too. Well, this does not mean that a car has to be in mint condition. All it means that the car should be operable. In case the car is not running, then the carrier will charge you extra for hauling the inoperable vehicle. Usually, the cost goes up by several hundred dollars as carriers have to invest bigtime in equipment required to haul a non-working car.

Car shipping costs can vary ‘substantially’ from one car transport services company to another. While there is not much that you can do about some of the factors associated with shipping a car, you can still get a reasonable deal by asking different carriers for car shipping quotes. Compare the prices and the services they are offering and choose one that suits your requirement best.

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