US States Where Shipping Fees Tend To Be The Highest

Car shipping services tend to get very pricey depending on the size of the car you want to ship and pick up/drop off locations. Overall, shipping a car is no easy task since it involves a lot of planning, time, and human labor. There are multiple reasons as to why car shipping companies are popular nationwide, starting from relocating your vehicle across the country for whatever reason, or, you have purchased from some sort of online car auction and need your newly purchased vehicle shipped.

Some customers may have thoughts of getting behind the wheel and by themselves driving the vehicle to the location they need, but then quickly change their minds once they think about the distance, time consumption, and mileage that would easily depreciate the value of the vehicle. These are the types of people who use car shipping services, and each year, there are more and more people who use these shipping services. Many people tend to think that car shipping companies have such high pricing to maximize profits when really, it’s mainly the cost of doing business that makes the final price so high.

Let us show you what are the most expensive states to ship vehicles since this is a fairly frequently asked question.

North and South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana Are The Most Expensive States To Ship

     Because these 4 states do not have densely populated cities, shipment traffic is close to zero. This is one of the biggest reasons as to why shipping to these locations gets very pricey. Very poor interstate highway connections are another big factor that plays a huge role in the high prices of shipping vehicles to these states. We also need to take into consideration the way that shipping companies work.

The goal of shipping companies is to have their trucks and ships full to the brim with cargo both to and from their original destinations. Shipping companies thrive in those situations, and that allows them to have affordable pricing for their clients when shipping. When we take a look at the 4 states listed above, there is one big problem. Even if these states get a lot of shipments IN, most of the trucks that come to these states to drop off their cargo leave these states half empty, and in some cases, fully empty. That is a major financial loss for a shipping company. To at least breakeven for these destinations, the companies must raise the prices, thus, explaining the reason behind shipping prices to these states being the biggest in the US.

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