EasyHaul is one of the most trusted and experienced shipping brokers in the United States. With thousands of happy customers worldwide, EasyHaul plans on becoming a dominant player on the international shipping market. With our consistent expansion into worldwide shipping services, we have been receiving hundreds of calls from new clients who are interested in how the international shipping process works with us overall. Below you will find a detailed explanation as to how the process works.

Step 1 – Paying For Your Vehicle

Once you have won a lot, you must pay for it as soon as possible, due to the fact that the auction yard will not release it for pickup until it is paid for in full.

Step 2 – Book Shipping

EasyHaul is a well-established shipping broker that provides logistical solutions for clients around the world. You can book shipping for your vehicle by clicking here.

Step 3 – Pay For Shipping

Before EasyHaul can assign and send a courier to pickup your vehicle, you must fully pay for the shipping invoice.

Step 4 – Receive The Estimated Pickup and Drop Off Dates

When you have paid in full the shipping invoice, you will be provided with the pickup and drop off dates of your newly purchased vehicle.

Step 5 – Vehicle Pickup

Our couriers tend to pickup vehicles with a 1-7 day time frame, with 2-5 days being the average. Please keep in mind that all storage fees with the auction must be paid in full to further avoid any courier cancellation fees.

Step 6 – Car Is Delivered To Port Warehouse

Your vehicle will be delivered to our warehouse that is closest to the port of exit. Once there, we will wait until there are enough vehicles on site to fill a full container that is heading to the port you have indicated you need your vehicle to be shipped.

Step 7 – Container Assignment

Once your car will be assigned a container, you will receive a tracking number for it. From that point on you just wait to receive your vehicle at the port you have indicated when booking shipping with EasyHaul.

Step 8 – Receiving The Vehicle

Once you receive the vehicle, do not hesitate to get in contact with us and tell us how smoothly the process went for you.

EasyHaul strives for excellence, and all customer feedback is important for us. If you are still hesitant as to which shipping company you should trust, make no mistake that EasyHaul is without a doubt the best option on the market. Get a shipping quote today!

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