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How Does Shipping Within The USA Work

As a leading provider of both domestic and international shipping services, EasyHaul specializes in medium and large-sized shipments. With hundreds of orders being accepted and completed on a daily basis, EasyHaul knows how to work with clients and how to provide top tier customer service. With a bigger percentage of orders coming in for domestic shipping within the United States, we have noticed that many clients ask one question. “How exactly does the shipping process work within the USA work?”.

When shipping a vehicle within the United States, EasyHaul may get the vehicle from point A to point B within 1-10 days.  Please do understand that the timely arrival of your vehicle depends mostly on the distance between these two points. Orders for pick up and drop off within the state of Texas could most likely be completed within the same day when a pickup from New York and drop off in Georgia could take anywhere from 2-5 days. On average, the longest transportation timing is to the states of Hawaii, Alaska, North and South Dakota, as well as Montana.

The first thing you must do for EasyHaul to be able to pick up your vehicle is to provide all of the needed information via our website, There you will provide us with information such as the pickup and drop off locations, VIN, vehicle size, and any other specifications that may be needed. After that, our team of specialists will assign a driver to pick up your vehicle at the requested location and time and have it shipped to the endpoint you have indicated when placing your order.

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