So you won your car at auction and ordered shipping with EasyHaul. The hard part’s over – now you’re anxiously awaiting your vehicle’s arrival. Well, we’re here to ease your worries. You can know exactly where your vehicle is in the shipping process with our easy to follow tracking page and SMS shipping updates.

Navigating to the Vehicle Tracking Page

Once you sign in to your account you’ll see a button labelled “My Orders” in the top right corner of the screen. Once you click that button, you’ll be taken to your orders page where all of your completed, in process, and incomplete orders will be displayed. Orders in process will have a button that says “Track Order” next to them. Click on that button to be taken to the tracking page for that specific order.

What’s on the Tracking Page?

Each tracking page contains all the information for your order. At the top, you’ll see a to-do list that tells you exactly what steps you need to take to complete the shipping process. This includes things like uploading required paperwork – which differs for domestic and international shipments – and submitting payment.

Below that is a step-by-step process of your progress. It will indicate when:

  • You place your order
  • We receive your payment
  • A driver is assigned to your order
  • Estimated pick-up and delivery dates are available
  • Your vehicle has been delivered

International order tracking pages contain other information in addition to the above. It will also display when:

  • Your vehicle reaches the warehouse
  • Photos of your vehicle are posted
  • US Customs receives your ownership documents
  • Estimated departure and arrival dates are available
  • Container and booking numbers are assigned
  • Your vehicle arrives at the destination port

Can I call the driver?

Once a driver is assigned to your vehicle, their number will be displayed on the tracking page. You can contact them directly if you’d like to. They are also instructed to call you two hours before delivery to confirm details.

What about text message notifications?

We offer real-time shipping updates via SMS to keep you posted through your entire shipping process. Just sign in to your account and navigate to where it says “Hello” followed by your name and select ‘Text Notifications.’ Follow the instructions to validate your phone number and you’ll start receiving instant shipping updates on your shipping status, every step of the way. We’ll even send you reminders about your to-do list!

We make shipping easy for you.

We’re here to leave all the questions out of the shipping process for you. We make sure that you know exactly what part of the shipping process your vehicle is in and what you need to do to make sure everything goes smoothly. You can always contact us if you have any more questions.

Happy shipping!

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