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Why Shipping Your Car Cross Country Is Better Than Driving It Yourself

Road trips are great, but not every journey is for fun. Especially if you’re moving, which is often considered one of the most stressful things that a person goes through. Moving across the country adds a whole new set of issues. Driving a car the whole way can add to the stress and take up a lot of time. Here are some factors to consider when deciding if you should ship or drive your vehicle.


Driving across the country is almost 3,000 miles. That is significant wear on your vehicle: think tires, brake pads, oil, and any unforeseen damages that come from driving in unfamiliar territory for extended periods of time. Shipping your vehicle keeps your car safe, and if you’re shipping in an enclosed container, even safer. Without adding any miles to your odometer.


Sometimes, the upfront cost of driving may appear to be less expensive, but expenses add up and time is precious. Shipping fees are straightforward – you know exactly how much you’re going to pay once you get your guaranteed quote. Traveling across the country can be costly in terms of food, lodging, and gas alone. It’s also risky – driving for a minimum of four days straight is exhausting. A tired driver has slower response times and can miss road hazards which can cause trouble. If you experience any part failure, such as a flat tire or a ruptured hose, you may need a tow and to wait for a shop for repairs. Time is money, after all. Even worse: you could get into an accident. 


Speaking of accidents, that’s the last situation you want to find yourself in. Not only is your vehicle now damaged and possibly needs repair, but you and your family at risk of injury. Shipping your vehicle takes the risk of extended driving completely out of the equation, leaving you plenty of time to take care of everything else.


Driving across the country can take between four and six days, whereas ordering shipping with EasyHaul is quick and easy – from ordering shipping to receiving the vehicle. The entire process of transporting the vehicle is taken care of, so you don’t have to worry.


If you’re wondering how to get your vehicle across the country, shipping is a much better option in terms of long-term cost, safety, and convenience. Save yourself the headache by ordering shipping with EasyHaul and let us take care of everything. We make shipping easy for you.

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