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What Carrier Types Does EasyHaul Use to Ship Your Vehicle?

As one of the largest vehicle shipping service providers in the US, EasyHaul aims to deliver your vehicle quickly and safely. To do that, we use a variety of equipment such as tow trucks, car haulers, and open and enclosed trailers to ship vehicles across the US, and all over the world. In this post, we’ll review most of the carrier types we use to ship your vehicles.

Domestic shipping

Tow trucks

The most common type of truck domestic drivers use is a flatbed. It’s usually used for transporting non-drivable cars or vehicles damaged from collisions on a short distance like up to 50 miles. 

The entire back of a flatbed is fitted with a platform that uses hydraulics to adjust its position. When the bed is lowered, a winch is used to pull the vehicle onto the bed before it’s raised again, making it easy to load vehicles that don’t drive on their own power.

Car haulers

This is a type of trailer or semi-trailer widely used in the US and designed to transport passenger vehicles on longer distances. Unlike tow trucks, car haulers have no loaders or winches and cars are driven onto the carrier platform by their own power. 

EasyHaul uses 3-car haulers for more than one vehicle, and 9-car haulers to increase storage capacity when necessary.  

International shipping

Open trailers 

The open trailers usually have a double-decker design. Decks are divided into loading and storage ramps which can be lifted independently by hydraulics. The vehicles transported in the open trailer remain exposed to the environment during transport and more exposure to the elements. 

Enclosed trailers 

Enclosed trailers are a safer but more expensive shipping method. Their walls are like a conventional box trailer that provides better protection for vehicles. These are a better option for transporting expensive vehicles and classic cars, as they’re protected from the weather. 

Ship safely with EasyHaul

Now that you know the difference between carrier types used by EasyHaul you can request a specific transport vehicle type for your shipment when you place your order on our website. We’ll do our best to accommodate your request and ship your vehicle safely. Join EasyHaul for free and place your order today, or email [email protected] with any questions.

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