EasyHaul Tracking and Updates Explained

At EasyHaul, we make sure you know exactly where your delivery is during every step of the vehicle shipping process. Starting from the moment you place your shipping order until the vehicle is in your possession, we provide you with all the information you need to stay in the loop.

Where do you find it, though?

On the top right-hand corner of the EasyHaul homepage, you’ll see these options once you’ve signed in. Go ahead and click on “My Orders” to be taken to a summary of your shipping orders.

After you’ve clicked on that, you’ll be taken to your order history. 

You’ll see information regarding your latest order, including the date your order was placed, your Quote Reference number, the vehicle that’s being transported, origin and destination locations, your total cost, and the status of your vehicle shipping order. 

If you click on the “Track Order” button on the right hand side, you’ll be taken to the shipment details page.


This page stays updated throughout the shipping process, making it easy to see where your vehicle is. It also lets you know which steps you need to complete to make sure your shipping process runs smoothly. You can click on each one individually to complete the steps.

Once a driver is assigned to your vehicle, their contact information will display on this page as well.

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