Auto Shipping Insurance Explained by Experts

For most Americans, a car is the second-most prized-possession, after their home. When it comes to shipping a vehicle, you can expect apprehension at each step. The ideal way to go about car transportation is hiring an experienced, licensed, and professional moving company, rather than settling for a service provider with the lowest auto transport quotes. In addition, another key factor to consider is the auto shipping insurance that would cover your vehicle. Shedding more light on the subject, this post discusses the basics of auto shipping insurance.

Is Auto Shipping Insurance Mandatory?
The federal law binds auto shipping companies to provide insurance to their clients. The minimum amount of public liability insurance on trailers, trucks and vehicles they are hauling is $750,000. Although most auto shipping companies buy insurance to adhere to the minimum limit set by the federal law, there are a few reputable ones that opt for higher amounts of insurance, ensuring complete peace of mind for their clients.

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Should You Settle for the Minimum Coverage?
Though you get some amount of cover with the minimum amount of insurance, there are chances of the amount falling short of the actual value of the car. Ask these questions to your auto shipping company to ensure that your vehicle is in safe hands:

  • What are the types of damage covered by auto shipping insurance?
  • Is there a deductible amount?
  • Does the insurance cover only specific parts of the vehicle?
  • What is the limit of the coverage?
  • Will the insurance cover specialty items such as spoilers?
  • Is there an option to buy additional coverage for the vehicle?

When to Buy Additional Car Shipping Insurance?
If you need to ship a classic or extremely expensive vehicle, it is advisable to purchase an extra insurance cover to safeguard your prized possession against all possible risks. Refer to the blue book to find out the exact value of the car and buy an insurance coverage accordingly. Your auto shipping company would be able to guide you on buying a suitable insurance based on the dynamics at play, such as the value of your vehicle, destination, and modes of transport.

Last Few Words
When hiring an auto shipping company, request a copy of the insurance policy, and do read all the details to ensure you are dealing with a reputable provider. If you wish to learn more about auto shipping insurance and any other aspect or auto shipping, feel free to speak with the experts at EasyHaul. Whether you need to transport cars, boats, motorcycles, SUVs, trucks, or RVs, we have got you covered. To learn more our request no-obligation auto transport quotes, feel free to call us at +1 (360) 597-9320.

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