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International Vehicle Shipping: a Cost Comparison

Did you know that distance isn’t the only factor that goes into the price of international vehicle shipping? Your quote is determined by other things too, such as port and customs fees.

We decided to look at some of the least expensive destinations to ship a vehicle to see if distance is the biggest factor. We used EasyHaul’s online calculator, where you can get an instant shipping quote to almost any country, worldwide.

So, let’s get started! Is your country on the list?

Shipping from Texas

Let’s imagine you won a car from an auction and the yard is located in El Paso, Texas, USA. The nearest pick-up port is Houston, so your car will be taken there by ground. Then it will go through customs clearance, and after being loaded into a container or secured for RORO, it will be shipped by sea to the destination port. 

Below, you’ll see quotes for a few destination countries and see that the final shipping quote is determined by port fees and other factors, and not just mileage.

From El Paso, Texas, USA Panama United Arab Emirates  Georgia Germany Finland
Distance (miles) 2337.74mi 8349.80mi 7042.85mi 5583.02mi 5514.97mi
Sailing Time 3 – 4 days 25 – 35 days 30 – 40 days 25 – 35 days 25 – 35 days
To departure port El Paso, TX – Houston, TX –


El Paso, TX – Houston, TX – $683.00 El Paso, TX – Houston, TX –


El Paso, TX – Houston, TX –


El Paso, TX – Houston, TX –


Destination port Houston, TX – Manzanillo, Mexico –


Houston, TX – Dubai (Jebel Ali), UAE $975.00 Houston, TX – Poti, Georgia – $875.00 Houston, TX- Bremerhaven, Germany –


Houston, TX – Kotka-Hamina, Finland –


Quote (USD) $2,033.00 $1,658.00 $1,558.00 $1,708.00 $1,783.00

Please, note that the sailing time and distance between ports are estimates. The prices are relevant at the time of writing and can change down the line. The type and size of your vehicle also affects shipping costs.

As you can see from the table, the distance from Texas to Dubai is about 8349.80 miles. Shipping a car from Texas, USA to Dubai, United Arab Emirates will cost you $1,658. The distance from Texas to Panama is about 2326.69 miles, and you may think that shipping will be less expensive because of the distance. However, the total shipping quote is $2,033. 

So, the price depends not just on distance, but on a variety of destination port fees including harbor dues, port access, docking, and others. That’s why, sometimes, shipping a vehicle internationally can cost just as much as shipping from state to state in the USA.

Other ports under $1,900.00

Ukraine  $1,658.00
Oman  $1,733.00
Costa Rica $1,803.00
Jamaica  $1,823.00
Pakistan $1,873.00
China  $1,873.00

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