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EasyHaul from the Inside: How it Works

“We often face some funny situations at work,” says Natalie Lukin, Director of Operations at EasyHaul. “Once we shipped a TV from Copart in the back of a driver’s truck, it was pretty simple. The hardest thing was to ship a burned down unit. The loaders had to sweep up pieces of the car (and dust) and put it all in plastic.”

EasyHaul is a global shipping service provider, where we believe that trust is one of the key factors when choosing a shipping broker.  We asked Natalie Lukin, Director of Operations at EasyHaul, to tell you more about the company, its goals, vision, and her own success story.  

  • Natalie, please, tell us what EasyHaul actually is and how it works?
  • EasyHaul is a leading company in its industry for vehicle shipping and exporting, which specializes in shipping various types of vehicles. These are motorcycles, sedans, SUVs, ATVs, and small pickup trucks. We can ship for almost anyone, and ship to almost anywhere.  Big shipments or small shipments, we try to ship them all!
    We are also familiar with the major US auctions, such as IAA and Copart. Therefore, we can provide exceptional vehicle transportation services from physical auto auctions to any address in the US or any major seaport worldwide.
  • In addition to EasyHaul having the ability to ship all over the globe, what makes EasyHaul the number one choice for consumers?
  • Customers have a strong advantage when they ship with EasyHaul for a number of reasons. One of those reasons is being able to track the shipping status, every step throughout the shipping process, and also to place and track orders directly on broker accounts and auctions such as IAA, AutoBidMaster, and Salvagebid. At the moment, no other shipping broker offers those options.
  • Sounds great! Looks like you’ve done a lot of work to make shipping more convenient. But how did everything start? And how did you decide to join the company? 
  • Well, it wasn’t an accidental decision for me. I joined EasyHaul about nine years ago. Before that, I worked in the transportation industry rather than the shipping industry. Joining EasyHaul for me was the chance to try something new and I have been sticking to it.
    It was a real challenge at the very beginning of my work to raise EasyHaul from a startup to an international company. Shipping is a very complicated business, but I thrive on those challenges. And my effort was worth it – a lot of things have changed since that time: new teams, new people, new website, new technology, new rules, and a lot more opportunities.
  • What about new people? Can you tell us anything about the EasyHaul team?
  • Sure thing! Our office is located in Vancouver, Washington but we work with people all over the world.  It is exciting to get to know and build relationships with so many people in so many countries.   
  • Indeed, communication between teams is so important. And, speaking of issues, what was the weirdest thing EasyHaul had to ship?
  • Oh, we often face some funny situations at work. Once we shipped a TV from Copart in the back of a driver’s truck, it was pretty simple. Also, we shipped some lost tires from another Copart location, an easy job as well. The hardest thing was to ship a burned down unit. The loaders had to sweep up pieces of the car (and dust) and put it all in plastic.
  • Well, that was pretty extraordinary. Maybe you can recommend some tips to those who ship for the first time so they can prevent unexpected situations?
  • Well, I have a couple of tips on my mind. Make sure that you are buying what you really want. We’ve had customers buy a car and then change their mind and no longer want the car. So, choose wisely to save your time and financial resources.
    For international shipping, I recommend checking with your local customs about tariffs and regulations before making a purchase. This way you can avoid hidden fees and unplanned payments.
  • And now, it’s time for the last question: what’s in the future for EasyHaul?
  • Well, the shipping industry is changing constantly. Right now, we are preparing for the holiday rush. Every year, the winter and holiday season gets extremely busy and there may be holiday delays. We have a lot of plans to grow our brokerage service even more and to dominate the industry.

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