import a car from the USA to Georgia

How to ship a car from the USA to Georgia

Georgia doesn’t have a domestic automotive industry, so the country heavily relies on vehicles arriving from overseas. That’s a benefit for those who want to import a car from the USA to Georgia. If you have no idea how to do this stress-free, we’re outlining it for you in this article. 

If you’ve won a vehicle at auction, the next step is finding a company to help you with shipping. When it comes to shipping overseas, we at EasyHaul have years of experience exporting vehicles from the United States, including to Georgia.

EasyHaul takes care of all the paperwork

There’s lots of paperwork that needs to be presented to US customs before a vehicle can be exported. When you ship with us, we make everything easy for you: EasyHaul handles US customs clearance and all the necessary documents to save your time. 

Georgia’s favorable geographical position on the edge of the Black Sea once allowed the country to become a big hub for re-exporting vehicles to neighboring countries like Azerbaijan and Armenia, despite their local import regulations and restrictions. As there are no car manufacturing enterprises in the region, import regulations were simplified. That contributed to the total of imported vehicles from the USA, which totaled $282 million in 2018.

Georgian import tariffs and taxes

There is no tariff or duty rate for imported vehicles, according to Georgia’s Ministry of Finances. Nonetheless, an 18% VAT still has to be paid by those who are importing cars. If the car enters Georgia for less than a year, however, then the VAT can be avoided. A certified bank note that shows you’ve paid the full VAT should be also submitted when importing a car to Georgia.

Container shipping

One of the best methods to ship a vehicle overseas is container consolidation. That means your vehicle will be placed in a container, secured with ropes, and then loaded onto a shipping vessel. The biggest disadvantage is the necessity to wait for container consolidation, but the shipping costs may be split among other freight. Another option is a single container. While that may be the safest way to transport a vehicle overseas, it isn’t as inexpensive as consolidation.

Many Georgian ports accept container and RORO shipments. The Poti and Batumi ports are the best choices to ship your car to Georgia. Poti is the most popular container port in the country. The shipping time depends mostly on the location of the port in the USA, although on average the car arrives in Georgia within 25-30 days. You can use our shipping quote calculator to get a shipping quote and estimated delivery times.

What you need to ship a vehicle to Georgia

The documents required for Georgian customs clearance are as follows:

  • A government-issued ID (a copy of Passport is preferable)
  • Vehicle title
  • Bill of Lading
  • Invoice
  • Detailed vehicle information (insurance, engine number, and size in cubic cm, VIN, color of the car, vehicle type and make). 

Prior to any cargo arrival, Georgia’s Revenue Service must be notified at least 24 hours in advance. Otherwise, delays at the customs can occur. If you are looking for any other relevant information about customs clearance, you should check Georgia’s Revenue Services website. 

EasyHaul is the best choice for shipping cars internationally

We’ve shipped hundreds of thousands of vehicles, both domestically and internationally. We know how to ship vehicles safely and trouble-free. If you are looking for a shipping company and haven’t decided yet, EasyHaul makes shipping easy for you. Get started with our instant quote calculator on our homepage and start your shipping process today. If you have any questions, give us a call at +1 (360) 776-3596 or email [email protected].

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