ship a car to Finland

How to ship a car from the USA to Finland

Finland relies heavily on ocean-based commerce, and imported vehicles make up a large percentage of their market. If you want to ship a car to Finland and you have some questions, this article will give you a breakdown of what you need to do.

If you won a car or any other vehicle at auction and need to export it to Finland, EasyHaul can help. Our experience in international shipping will help you get your car to any destination in the world. 

The best methods to ship vehicles to Finland

Before sailing to another country, your vehicle has to be inspected by US Customs. Good news: EasyHaul takes care of US customs clearance and delivery from the auction yard to the port of departure. 

Typically, container consolidation is the best option for shipping a vehicle overseas. That guarantees the security of the vehicle, even though it shares a container with over vehicles. This is often the least expensive option, particularly compared to air freight. If you are shipping a vintage car to Finland, it’s better to opt for an exclusive container. Your vehicle will be placed in its own 20-foot container, but that can be significantly more expensive than consolidation. 

Finland has multiple ports that accept container-loaded ships. One of the most popular and often less expensive port in Finland is Kotka. Hamina-Kotka is the biggest port in the country. Helsinki, as the capital, also has an extremely busy port.

Estimated sailing times

Shipping times depend on the port location and final destination, but on average, it takes a vehicle 30-35 days after departure from New York to arrive in Finland. Use our shipping quote calculator to see estimated sailing times from the USA to Finland. 

Additional details when shipping a car to Finland

Before shipping a car to Finland, don’t forget to put the keys in the glovebox. This is required by Finnish customs regulations. Personal belongings inside the car are strictly prohibited. And last but not least: prepare your car for winter if it is going to be shipped during a cold season. 

Also, keep in mind that the VAT is the same for all vehicles at 24%. In addition to VAT, customs duties range from 0% for cars older than 30 years up to 10% for brand-new ones. The tax rate can be determined online according to vehicle type, displacement, and age. 

Start your shipping process with EasyHaul

If you’re getting ready to export a vehicle to Finland, we’re here to help. Contact EasyHaul to get an instant shipping quote and estimated sailing times to any Finnish port. Save your time and money, and sign up with EasyHaul today. If you have any questions, give us a call at +1 (360) 776-3596 or email [email protected].

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