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Why Do You Need a Bill of Lading When Shipping Across the US?

Why Do You Need a Bill of Lading When Shipping Across the US?

When you ship a vehicle, you need to prepare a bunch of car shipping documents, and the Bill of Lading is the most important one. This is a document issued by a carrier to confirm receipt of cargo for shipment. Also, it indicates the damages that a vehicle may get during the loading. 

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Please, note that this is just an overview of the standard elements that the Bill of Lading may contain, as it appears in a variety of formats and details depending on individual carriers. 

Purpose of Bill of Lading

The Bill of Lading is one of the car shipping documents provided by a driver who ships your vehicle domestically. It serves as evidence of the contract of carriage and proves that a driver received a vehicle and commits to deliver it. 

Information in the Bill of Lading

The information listed in the Bill of Lading varies depending on a driver’s company. Usually, it includes:

  • Name of a driver’s company 
  • Information about the pick-up and delivery locations 
  • Dates of the pick-up and delivery 
  • Vehicle details (including damages it got during the loading).

Before loading, a vehicle undergoes its final inspection, and any damage present will be indicated on the Bill of Lading. Please, be informed that the BOL may be different depending on a driver’s company. 

If later you decide to file a claim for damage with an insurance company, you’ll need to have the damage recorded in the Bill of Lading. Otherwise, you won’t be eligible for any compensation. 

Signing the Bill of Lading

When your vehicle arrives at its destination, you and the driver will need to sign the Bill of Lading. You have the right to inspect the vehicle and compare its condition with the data indicated in the document. 

If you don’t agree to accept it, don’t sign it, as your signature releases the carrier and designates that shipping is completed. 

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