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Black Friday Tips: Save on Vehicle Transport

Black Friday is coming, and that means big sales and huge discounts for almost everything, from home decorations and to vehicles. Usually, bulk shopping is a great way to save money, but vehicle transport is a complicated process and the final price involves many factors.

EasyHaul prepared a few lifehacks that’ll help you save big on vehicle transport during Black Friday. Read more to find out how.

Buy from the closest location

You probably won’t have enough time to research all the offers as the Black Friday rush leaves no time for planning. You can reduce shipping costs by purchasing a car from the auction yard that’s closest to your location, though.

The cost of shipping to a particular destination country from different ports in the US varies, so spend a minute researching the cheapest route by filtering your car auction search by state. You can also use our online calculator to get your guaranteed shipping quote. 

If you want to know more about how the destination influences the shipping quote, check out this shipping cost comparison calculated by EasyHaul.  

More cars don’t mean more savings

During Black Friday sales, you may be inclined to make multiple purchases to maximize your discounts. Unfortunately, there are no discounts for shipping multiple cars. 

That’s because shipping prices depend on factors like harbor dues, port access, docking, and other fees. Also, the shipping price depends on the vehicle’s weight and dimensions, so you’ll pay more if decide to ship two or more vehicles. 

Buy a drivable vehicle

If you want to save on shipping, we recommend buying a drivable vehicle that you can easily unload from the carrier. That way you won’t have to rent unloading equipment.

If you still want to buy a vehicle that can’t move under its own power, think about finding appropriate unloading equipment. Read this article to learn about the best unloading equipment based on your vehicle‘s condition. 

Also, note that it’s better to deliver a non-drivable vehicle straight to a shop or garage instead of your home address. Otherwise, you’ll have to pay for transportation twice.

Ship with EasyHaul

Whatever vehicle you buy this Black Friday, EasyHaul will help you deliver it worldwide. If you have a question about shipping your vehicle, email us at [email protected]. We’ll help you get your guaranteed shipping quote and help you find the best route to save money. Have a great and safe Black Friday!

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