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EasyHaul from the Inside: Who Stands Behind Your Successful Delivery?

“Did you know that in the U.S. there are many locations with the same name as in Europe? For example, Georgia, it’s not only a state in the U.S., but it’s also one of our most popular destinations – Georgia, Poti”, says Luba Onyschuk, Shipping Coordinator at EasyHaul

Have you ever wondered how EasyHaul ships vehicles all over the world and who stands behind your successful deliveries? We spoke to Luba Onyschuk, Shipping Coordinator at EasyHaul, about the company’s support team and the challenges they face every day. 

  • Luba, tell us please, how long have you been with EasyHaul and how did you join the company?
  • I started working at EasyHaul not that long ago, in March 2019. As I’m interested in international shipping and logistics, I was looking for a job related to that industry and was lucky to find EasyHaul.
  • It’s always great to find what you’re looking for. What about the necessary skills? One of the most important ones in your work is a foreign language, right? What except for English do you speak and use at work?
  • Well, I am fluent in Russian, Ukrainian, and Polish. It helps me to understand more customers all over the world and provide them with better service.
  • So, you speak multiple languages and work with customers from numerous countries. Tell us, what country is the most active when it comes to requesting help from support agents? And what method of communication do those customers prefer: chat, email, or direct phone line? 
  • It’s really difficult to define who’s the most active, as we get a lot of requests from everywhere. Most customers prefer emails and chats. For international customers, it’s easier because they can use a translator and put all the details about their vehicles clearly. Still, we frequently get phone calls as well.
  • Ok, let’s talk about those requests you get. What is the most frequent question asked by EasyHaul customers and what is the hottest issue that your team faces? 
  • Usually, it’s “When are you going to pick up the vehicle?”. Our team is very professional, and everybody is working hard all day to ensure that all deliveries are fast and smooth. For us, pick up time is a priority task each day.

    The hottest issues are delays in pick up. They usually happen when a driver’s truck is broken down, or weather conditions are extremely difficult, like hurricanes and flooding. And, of course, we do our best to resolve even that complicated tasks.
  • Looks like you do a lot of work there! By the way, what is the most popular destination among the customers? Is that America, Asia, Europe, etc.?
  • You’re probably expecting to hear “America”, but no – the most popular destinations are Africa and Europe. For example, the most popular ports in Europe are Bremerhaven, Germany, and Odesa, Ukraine. That’s why we recommend all our customers from the Netherlands, Denmark or even Italy to ship vehicles to Germany. It will be faster and cheaper because with more loads going to one place it is quicker and easier for us to consolidate the loads into one shipping container.
  • So, you do everything to make shipping easier. But let’s get back to challenges. Tell us, what was the most difficult case for you to resolve during your time at EasyHaul? And what was the funniest one? 
  • The most difficult cases are deliveries from Hawaii, that’s why we recommend that our customers check the location before they buy their vehicles.

    What about the funniest one? Hmm… Did you know that in the U.S. there are many locations with the same name as in Europe? For example, Georgia, it’s not the only state in the U.S., but it’s also one of our most popular destinations – Poti, Georgia. But we always confirm which location to ship to, as it wouldn’t be funny to have your vehicle end up in the wrong place.
  • That’s funny! Luba, except for choosing the correct destination name in Europe, can you give our readers a piece of advice for domestic and international shipping?
  • Sure thing! For international shipping, I recommend that customers check title and sale documents for their vehicle before buying it. We can’t export vehicles sold only with a Bill of Sale, or title documents indicating the vehicles are listed as “Junk” or only can be sold for “Parts”. In some cases, we can help buyers obtain the necessary documents, but it will take time and also will raise the shipping quote.

    For domestic shipping, it’s recommended to check unloading options if you order delivery to your private address. If the vehicle is not drivable, customers will need to assist the driver or provide the necessary equipment to unload a vehicle.
  • Good advice, thank you! And what would you do as a customer to minimize the delivery time and expenses spent on shipping? Well, if you are shipping a vehicle overseas, I would look to purchase vehicles which are located near ports, as that makes the overall shipping cost lower.  And I also recommend using our online calculator to see the difference in the sailing time between the East and the West Coast. For Europe, ports on the East Coast are always the fastest and cheapest option.

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