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How Does EasyHaul Keep You Updated? 

If you’re one of those lucky buyers who just won a car from an auction, you want it shipped safely right to your door. Also, you might want to track its whole journey and get shipping status updates throughout the entire process.

With EasyHaul you’ll be sure of where your vehicle is, as we update you every step of the way. 

SMS notifications

Once you create a profile on EasyHaul, you can start receiving SMS notifications from us and stay updated on your vehicle’s shipping status. To activate SMS updates, you’ll need to verify your phone number and then turn on text notifications in your profile settings. 

The instant SMS updates will keep you aware of every step of your vehicle’s journey and shipping status. Also, you’ll receive reminders about your next required actions. 

If you no longer want those notifications turned on, text STOP to an SMS from EasyHaul or simply deactivate them in your user profile.

Vehicle tracking page

You can get more details about your active shipping in the “My Orders” section located right in your profile. The vehicle tracking page becomes available once you place a shipping order on EasyHaul

The tracking page displays the progress of your order and indicates when the following steps are completed:

  • Shipping order has been placed
  • We receive your payment
  • A driver is assigned to your order
  • Estimated pick-up and delivery dates are available
  • Your vehicle reaches the warehouse
  • Photos of your vehicle are posted
  • US Customs receives your ownership documents
  • Estimated departure and arrival dates are available
  • Container and booking numbers are assigned
  • Your vehicle arrives at the destination port

Please note that these steps differ for domestic and international customers.

The vehicle tracking page also shows details for each step, for example:

Contacting the driver

If you order domestic shipping, you can contact the driver that’s delivering your vehicle. Once the driver is assigned, you’ll see their contact number displayed on the vehicle tracking page and you can make a call to clarify the time and place of delivery. 

Also, the driver will contact you two hours before the delivery, even if you didn’t call them first. 

Stay up to date with EasyHaul

If you want to get a guaranteed shipping quote for your delivery, please use EasyHaul’s online shipping calculator. Whenever you have questions concerning your shipping status or order, you can contact our support office at [email protected]. Our managers will do their best to clarify any information for you.   

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