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4 Tips to Make Your Vehicle Shipping Faster

Shipping a vehicle that you have recently purchased from an auto auction can be a challenging task, and you definitely want it shipped as fast as possible. Depending on the location of the auction yard where your vehicle is located, the destination point, and the weather, the shipping time can drastically vary. 

If you’re wondering how to speed up your shipping process, check out these four tips from EasyHaul below.  

Prepare all the documents

This may sound pretty banal, but having all your shipping documents prepared is really important. If you want to cut down your shipping time, make sure you paid not only for the order itself but also covered any additional shipping fees

Also, make sure the driver who is picking up your vehicle from the yard has all of the following information: your buyer #, reference #, lot #, and invoice #. Also, make sure that your vehicle has a valid title or certificate if you’re shipping internationally. 

Please note, that if the vehicle has a Bill of Sale, Parts Only designation, or Lien, it cannot be exported.

Contacting the driver

If you’re shipping domestically, you can directly contact the driver that’s delivering your vehicle. Once a driver is assigned to your order, you’ll find their contact details on the vehicle tracking page in your account. If you want to save time, we recommend contacting your driver a few days before the delivery to clarify the delivery time and place. 

Also, make sure your contact details are correct and you’re available for a call, as the driver will contact you two hours before the delivery.

Find the best route

On average, international shipping takes about 30-40 days. If you ship internationally, we recommend searching for the cheapest route by using EasyHaul’s guaranteed quote calculator, as the delivery time to a particular country may vary depending on the US port of departure. 

For example, if you ship to South Africa and your vehicle departs from East Coast ports, shipping will take about 16-22 days, while shipping from the West Coast will take about 32-42 days. To learn more, please read our previous post.  

Plan your shipping dates

Traffic on the sea directly depends on seasons and holidays that can significantly slow your delivery. International ports are overloaded during national holidays, while weather conditions in winter may slow down the ships. 

That’s why we recommend you plan your shipping and stay flexible on shipping dates. This will not just save you time, but money as well. 

Ship fast with EasyHaul

If you want to save time and get your shipping order as soon as possible, we strongly recommend following the tips described above. If you have questions concerning your shipping order, you can contact our support office at [email protected]. Our managers will do their best to clarify any information for you.

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