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3 Key Things to Consider When Shipping a Car Across the US

If you’re thinking of buying a vehicle online and shipping it across the US, EasyHaul can help you. We ship cars, trucks, motorcycles, and other vehicles anywhere worldwide. Start your process with a free guaranteed online shipping quote. If you want your domestic car shipping to be safe and fast, we recommend you keep in mind three important things.

Clarify your vehicle’s information

EasyHaul takes care of most paperwork for you. All you need to do is provide details about your vehicle when placing a shipping order. 

Make sure to clarify its type, dimensions, VIN, and ability to roll. Also specify, the lot number, buyer number, and available hours for pickup, so that we can pick it up from the auction yard on time and you won’t have to pay a storage fee.

After we receive all the data, you can submit payment, and we’ll find a driver for you. 

Contact a driver

One of the advantages of domestic car shipping with EasyHaul is the possibility of contacting the driver who is delivering your vehicle. As soon we assign a driver to your shipping order, their contact details will be listed on the vehicle tracking page in your account. 

If you want to avoid shipping delays, contact the driver a few days before the delivery to specify the location and time. Make sure to ask the driver if they have any unloading equipment. If they don’t, you can rent it ahead of time to make sure the unloading process is quick and smooth. 

Also, be available for a call on the day of delivery, as the driver will contact you two hours before arriving at your specified destination.  

Inspect a vehicle

After the driver delivers your vehicle, you have the right to inspect it before signing the final document, the Bill of Lading

As well as the contact information and delivery address, it contains information about its condition at the moment of loading. You can compare the vehicle’s actual condition with the information indicated in the document to make sure that it was transported safely.

Ship with EasyHaul 

EasyHaul makes domestic car shipping easier for you by taking care of all the logistics and the majority of the documentation. If you want to know more about shipping with us, read this article. Also, feel free to contact our support office at [email protected] if you have any questions about your shipping. 

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