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Easy International Vehicle Shipping: 5 Tips

Buying vehicles at online auction has become common practice. The inventory of salvage cars, trucks, and motorcycles available is so massive that you’re bound to find the perfect vehicle. But what if you won it, and now you need to export it?

Since exporting involves two or more countries, you’ll need to factor in all restrictions, customs regulations, and costs if you want to export your vehicle without any hold-ups. To save you time, we’re sharing a few useful auto transport tips that’ll help you avoid some of the more common things people miss when exporting a vehicle.

Make sure everything is paid for

If auction fees and international shipping costs aren’t paid on time, your vehicle will get held up at the auction yard or the port of origin. Make sure everything is paid in full – and on time – so your vehicle can move through the shipping process smoothly.

EasyHaul’s international shipping costs include pick up from auction, delivery to warehouse, loading, US customs clearance, documentation, and delivery to the port of destination. 

What it doesn’t cover is auction fees, driver wait time fees, storage fees, fees from delayed delivery, special auction loading fees, and destination customs or duty fees. These are your responsibility. 

Tip: Use EasyHaul’s online shipping calculator to get an instant quote for your vehicle.  

Get your documents ready 

Missing documents can significantly slow down the shipping process. EasyHaul can only export vehicles that have a valid title or certificate, titles marked with parts only, junk, or those that have a lien against them cannot be exported. You’ll also need to provide the original purchase invoice, certificate of value and origin, packing list (for container shipping), and a government-issued ID, driver’s license, or passport to verify your identity.

You can upload copies of everything required on your vehicle’s tracking page.

Tip: You’ll receive additional documents before your car arrives at the destination port via FedEx.

Don’t forget insurance 

While ocean shipping insurance isn’t required, we strongly recommend purchasing it for the safety of your vehicle. There are different types of insurance, and you can contact EasyHaul to find out which one is best for you.

Tip: Once you purchase insurance, EasyHaul will send you a copy of the insurance certificate with details. 

Stay Updated

It’s important to stay up to date on the status of your shipping order to avoid missing important dates and deadlines. Transporters cannot guarantee exact delivery times, as all dates are best estimates in the shipping industry. Pick-up and delivery can be affected by heavy traffic, weather conditions, unavailability of space at the delivery port, etc. 

Once your vehicle arrives at the warehouse and is assigned to a container, you’ll get an update with estimated departure and arrival dates. Your order status is updated under your vehicle’s tracking page. You can also verify your phone number on EasyHaul to get real-time shipping updates via SMS.

Tip: On rare occasions, US customs pulls containers from vessels for inspection. This may delay your delivery.

Arrange for pick-up

EasyHaul takes care of everything to get your vehicle to the destination port. You’ll have to arrange to pick up the vehicle once it arrives. Make sure you have all the required documents including the title or certificate, shipping invoice, and Dock Receipt or Bill of Lading so the port can release your vehicle. If you aren’t picking up your vehicle personally, an agent at the destination port can help you arrange delivery to a location you specify.

Tip: EasyHaul will mail you your documents once the vehicle clears customs via FedEx.

Ship with EasyHaul

We help drivers and car fans all over the world ship salvage vehicles outside the United States with ease. We keep you updated every step of the way. We take care of the logistics so you can place your shipping order. So place your order, sit back, and let us do the rest. 

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