Are you going to import a car from an American salvage car auction to Oman but don’t know where to start? EasyHaul can help you with importing a car to Oman with just a few clicks.

EasyHaul handles US Customs clearance for you

Did you win your vehicle from an online salvage car auction? If yes, you want to get your future ride as soon as possible, and you’ll want to find a reliable auto shipping company as soon as possible to avoid storage fees. As long as you have a valid government-issued ID or Passport you can go through EasyHaul to order shipping to any destination. Don’t worry about US Customs clearance, we will take care of everything related to exporting your car from the USA.

Choose your shipping method

You can choose between two possible shipping variants. EasyHaul usually ships vehicles overseas in 40-ft containers with other vehicles, also known as container consolidation. This is a common method of car shipping to Oman. It is safe and cost-efficient, though you’ll have to wait for the other vehicles to fully load the container. Another option you can select is exclusive container shipping, which is more suitable for rare and vintage cars. This kind of car shipping to Oman is the safest but costs more than consolidation. 

What are the requirements for importing a car to Oman?

Oman, like any other country, has its own specific vehicle import regulations. Prior to shipping, check if the vehicle you are importing complies with all the regulations enforced by the Royal Oman Police (ROP). They are as follows:

  • The exterior color of the car has to be light shades, importing dark cars to Oman is forbidden due to dry and hot climate prevailing across the state
  • Window tint only up to 30%
  • Importers have to confirm that vehicle wasn’t involved in a natural disaster (flood, fire or a hurricane)
  • Roadworthiness proof issued by competent authorities
  • Right-hand drive vehicles cannot be imported as they do not comply with the Traffic Law and local safety standards. 

Documents required for importing a car to Oman

So make sure your car is eligible for import. Don’t forget to compile a folder with the documentation to clear Omani Customs. To import a car to Oman you have to collect:

  • Original Vehicle Title
  • Insurance
  • Export Certificate
  • An application form to clear the Omani Customs
  • Proof of completed technical inspection
  • Import Permission issued by the Omani Ministry of Commerce and Industry
  • A government-issued ID for Omani nationals or a copy of residence for expatriates.

Vehicle Import Tariffs in Oman

Oman hasn’t imposed a VAT tariff on imported vehicles and there is only a 5% import duty. Take into consideration that you’ll have to pay an additional fee before the car registration in Oman. This fee heavily depends on the type of car and its engine displacement. The exact money amount varies in the range from 10 Omani Rials (OR) for importing a motorcycle to a 180 OR fee for a 5-ton (or more) truck. To import a car with more than a 1,500 cc engine to Oman you’ll have to pay 20 OR. For vehicles with an engine displacement bigger than 4500 cubic centimeters, the fee is 50 OR per car. 

Shipping destinations and sailing times

There are four ports in Oman but only Sohar, in the northern part of the country, accepts container shipments. The estimated shipping time depends on the departure port in the US. On average, the sailing time from the East Coast ports to Sohar takes up to 20 days, and it can be a little bit longer if you are shipping cars to Oman from the West Coast. Feel free to use our instant auto shipping quote calculator to see the estimated car shipping cost and sailing times. 

Trouble-free Shipping with EasyHaul 

EasyHaul is an experienced auto transport company that can help you ship vehicles to any destination in the world. Getting started is easy: register with us, calculate the car shipping price on our homepage and click the “place order” button. We provide both domestic and international car shipping. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us or simply call +1 (360) 776-3596 from 6:00 AM to 4:00 PM PST, Monday through Friday. Our representatives will be glad to answer all your questions.

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