5 Scams to Avoid When Transporting Your Vehicle

When it comes to vehicle transportation, you need be wary of a number of scams. There have been more than a few instances when people were ripped off by unscrupulous people who use fake websites to lure customers into choosing their vehicle transport services. Today’s scams, however, are not as common as they were just a decade ago, as now you can find ample info on how to avoid them. To help, in this post, we discuss five scams you must watch out for when looking to hire a vehicle transport company.


1. False Claims
You may come across claims, such as ‘guaranteed spot’ on the auto mover as soon as you deposit the amount. Do not make any payments until you are sure that they have a truck confirmed, and provide the name and phone number of the truck driver. No matter what you ask, phony providers will tell you that they can do it and may go as far as offering a guarantee. If they are assuring a date of delivery, then it’s advisable to consider another provider, as there are no fixed dates in the auto transport industry.

2. Gas Card Scam
Some fake service providers try to lure you into availing their services by promising you a gas card worth $200 to $300 in return. Just to let you know, there is no such thing called “Visa Prepaid Gas Cards” that come for free; they ask you to save your receipts and then send them in. If you are having a hard time believing what we have to say, Google “free gas card scam” and look for yourself.

3. Misleading Auto Transport Quote
Some scammers quote unbelievably low prices and tell you that this is the only amount you will have to pay for the transportation. What they don’t tell you is what is hidden in their terms and conditions, and therefore, you end up paying more than what was asked. It is important to read service provider’s terms and conditions before making any payments. In addition, ask for the charges that are not included in the quote.

4. Payment Information
They may try to persuade you to share your credit card information before you have signed their terms, telling you that the earlier you make payment, the faster you get a spot. Nothing is further from the truth. Don’t share your card details unless you read their terms and conditions and sign the contract. Moreover, if a company is charging you extra for using a credit card or for canceling their services, it’s better to look elsewhere. Almost every card issuer prohibit merchants from levying any extra charges on card payments.

5. False Representation
Many scammers try to fool customers by making them believe that they have a truck in their area and pretend to be calling some truck driver just to make them believe that they are a genuine company – which of course, may not be the case. Chances are, they just want to fool the customer into making a payment for their services.

The Bottom Line
Though there are many ways to identify the authenticity of an auto transport service provider, the ones discussed in this post are some of the most common warning signs. If you have even an iota of doubt about the credibility of a shipping company, look for a different provider. Choose a company that follows a systematic payment procedure and have satisfactory answers to all your questions about their services. Should you wish to learn more about auto shipping services, feel free to call us at +1 (360) 597-9320.

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