If you want to ship a car from the USA to Nigeria but aren’t sure how, we’re walking you through the process in this article. 

Nigeria is a fast-developing country and cars imported from the USA are very popular there. In 2018, the market share of imported cars from the USA was 73%, according to the ITA. Extremely high tariffs in Nigeria often prevent residents from buying a new car, so the used car market is flourishing.

So, if you’ve won a car from an auction like AutoBidMaster, and you’re ready to ship it internationally you can start with our guaranteed quote calculator. Here’s what you need to know.

What you need to export a car from the USA

  • Before departure, the vehicle will go through a US Customs inspection, and all the appropriate paperwork needs to be in place.  It is better to provide at least two certified copies of all documents. According to the U. S. Customs and Border Protection, documents should be prepared no less than 72 hours before departure. But don’t worry: EasyHaul takes care of all of that for you. Remember that you can only export vehicles with a valid title or certificate.
  • Choose your preferred shipping method. Different ports accept vehicles via container consolidation and RORO, or roll-on, roll-off shipping. For more detailed information about RORO and container shipping check the articles on our blog.

What you have to know before shipping a car to Nigeria

There are regulations stipulated by Nigerian authorities that you need to know about. You can read about their import guidelines, procedures, and documentation right here

  • Look for vehicles no older than 15 years from the manufacture date. Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) does not allow residents to import older cars, trucks, and vans. 
  • Do not try to import a right-hand drive car, it’s prohibited. According to the 2012 National Road Traffic Regulation, no RHD vehicle can be registered or licensed. 
  • Calculate the price of the shipping considering the delivery destination and the location of the car. The prices may vary, but the average is $1300-1500 depending on the location of the port in the USA. Start with EasyHaul’s quote calculator to get your guaranteed shipping quote.

How do cars pass Nigerian Customs?

  • Compile a folder with all the documentation before the car reaches the Nigerian port. Take a look at the table below. In one column there is a list of documents necessary to import a car to Nigeria, and in the second there is a list of those you need to export the vehicle from the USA.
Nigerian documents
you need to have
American documents
for exporting your car
Nigerian Drivers License Bill of Sale
Nigerian ID documents Original Vehicle Title
Proof of address
Proof of insurance
e-Form ‘M’
A filled-out plate number form
Original invoice
Packing list
Combined Certificate of Value and Origin (CCVO)
Adequate description of the imported goods
Shipped / Clean on Bill of Landing / Railway Bill / AirBill

As you can see, importing a car to Nigeria involves lots of paperwork. Once your car reaches the port, it has to be shown to Nigerian Vehicle Inspection Officer to prove the roadworthiness of your car. If you need further information, you can check the Lagos State Vehicles Inspection Services’ official website

After the inspection, you will get a Vehicle Identification Tag (VIT) and then you have to address the Federal Road Service Commission. To get Nigerian license plates, you have to provide both engine and chassis numbers, an entry certificate, the purchase receipt, and your ID card or passport. Then you will be issued Nigerian license plates and your car will be registered.

We can help

EasyHaul makes international shipping easy, for you. We take care of most of the paperwork on the US side, so all you have to do is wait for your vehicle to arrive. All it takes is a few clicks to register and get your guaranteed shipping quote, so sign up with us today and start your shipping process.

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