Shipping a Collectible Vehicle? Read This First!

Collectible cars are more than utilitarian items to their owners, and more often than not, have sentimental value. When it comes to shipping collectible cars, owners have a tough time ensuring that the vehicle is transported without any hassle. Although there are professional auto shipping service providers to do the job, a successful vehicle shipping with zero damage demands equal contribution from the owners. Let’s go through some helpful tips to help you with shipping your prized possessions.

Auto shipping service

Opt for Door-to-door Transport to Avoid Terminals
Door-to-door transport service is a convenient option for shipping a collectible car. Individuals also need to look for a company that avoids transport terminals as there are chances of the vehicle getting damaged during unloading or reloading.

Choose an Enclosed Vehicle
There is a lot of cost difference between transporting a car in an enclosed and open truck. The closed truck has extra benefits such as:

  • Minimal risk of damage
  • Protection from harsh weather
  • More security
  • Reduced chances of theft and vandalism

An enclosed trailer provides protection and peace of mind, when it comes to shipping a unique and irreplaceable classic car.

Do Not Miss the Inspection
The owner of the vehicle needs to be present at the pickup and delivery point for the inspection of the vehicle. When shipping the vehicle, the owner needs to confirm the condition of the vehicle by signing on the report and repeat the same process when the vehicle arrives at the destination. Take photographs of the vehicle and any minor or major damage suffered by the vehicle in the past to avoid confusion at the end.

Get a Comprehensive Insurance
Confirm about the liability and cargo coverage of the vehicle with the carrier. The personal auto usually does not cover any damage caused to the vehicle during transit. If the limit of liability offered by the carrier is not adequate for the classic car, look for a coverage plan that protects the classic car up to its replacement cost.

Provide Handling Instructions
Provide written instructions about hidden switches, alarm instructions and battery, and fuel cut-off switches to the person handling the vehicle. Avoid leaving loose articles that may cause damage to the vehicle. Charge the battery and keep the tank half full to avoid extra fees for winching.

Last Few Words
The primary thing to take care of during the process is to find a trusted auto transportation company. A classic car is an irreplaceable possession, and it needs to be moved with care to minimize the chances of damage. If you wish to learn more about shipping formalities and documentation process, the team at EasyHaul will be more than happy to assist. You can reach us at +1 (360) 597-9320, Monday – Friday (7am – 4pm PDT).


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